Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take 2...

So, I feel like I abandoned this blog. Maybe I should give this another shot. Are you ready for a 6 month update? I'm ready...

So, I have 9 days of having babies in this house left. I don't like it. Especially, because these are very well going to be my last 9 days ever of having a baby in the house. Don't get me wrong, I know that once they turn 1, its not like some magic dust turns them into toddlers, but its a definite sign that so many things are coming to an end.

I feel like these monsters have changed me so much. I look back to when I had Felix, and I did what I needed to do for him, but I didn't really research to see what the best decision was. Honestly, I was 20 and flying by the seat of my pants. I have seen myself grow so much in the past year as a mother. I even stopped using disposable diapers and made my own cloth ones! Seriously, who knew? I gotta say, we have not had one blowout since switching, and Lily was the blowout master. I'm talking around 4-5 a week. I would rather clean poop off of where it is supposed to be, than be cleaning poop covered clothes.

I remember when Felix was a baby, my mom telling me that at 13 months, it was time to stop breastfeeding, and I said, "sure, ok" and that was that. Oh, wait, this is going to be one of THOSE posts. That's right, I breastfeed, I'll do it in public if I have to (though I try to avoid it in any way possible) and I am not going to force them to stop on their first birthday. Remember? There is no magic dust.

So, for all you haters who think that breastfeeding should be done in a dark, secret room, and not talked about, and stopped as early, if not earlier than bottles, this one is for you.

I am by no means a "breastfeeding nazi" and I am not trying to convince you that my way is superior. I just think that our society has placed such an awful stigma on something so innocent and pure, and it pains me. Should everyone breastfeed? I think everyone should try. That's it. Give it a shot. If you hate it, then at least you know, right? I don't by any means judge parents that use formula. Seriously, I really don't. I couldn't find it in me to pump at work, if I had gone back. I would probably give it a shot, get frustrated and uncomfortable, and be done with it. Plus, breastfeeding really is about comfort. If you had a nurse with awful bedside manner try and "help" you breastfeed, the discomfort could make it difficult, and give you a negative vision of the whole thing.

So, 10 years later, here is my plan and my reasoning for keeping on:

You see that little guy? That's my Logan. Not all babies start out this way, and he did. Lily didn't need oxygen, but boy was she tiny.
So, they didn't have the picture perfect start that some babies do, and they came out fighting. I want my children to have every and any opportunity to be the smartest, healthiest, best they can be. If I stopped breastfeeding ON their birthday, and then found out they weren't growing as well as they should be, I would totally blame myself. I would be kicking myself if we had to give them toddler formula or pediasure, when I could have just kept giving them breast milk.

2.  All those people that you trust whole-heartedly about what to do and not do, are pretty much the same people that tell me that breastfeeding is great, and is recommended until age 2. WHAT? TWO? Yes, I typed that correctly. I have to say, I was totally with you at some point, but really, now I feel like I should do what is best for my babies and not care about what society has told me is acceptable, when the people that they turn to for anything else regarding their babies tell me it is not only acceptable, but beneficial. 

3. I'm lazy. 

Ok, maybe lazy isn't the right word, but I am really not looking forward to weening two kiddos. If its not a problem, why should I put myself through the ringer to stop? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, that's my rant. Sorry it wasn't quite the update I had planned for, but these fingers have a mind of their own. I promise after these monsters turn 1, I will probably let my breastfeeding habits disappear into that dark secret room, at least until they decide to stop :)