Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(don't) Help me!

So I talked about letting go of control? I may be flexible with my children, but honestly, still a control freak.

Let me start by saying that I have a routine With twins, you have to have some sort of routine, or you will get swallowed up. Your kids will eat you. Well, at least every waking (and some not waking) second. That being said, this past 24 plus a few hours has been a whirlwind of insanity and I want my house back! I want control back!

My sister came to "help" me. And, while I got a ton of stuff cleaned, and didn't have a 5 (soon to be 6) year old stopping me every 2 minutes, she completely ruined every routine that I had set in place. I would be more understanding if she was a "live far away" aunt of my children, but she is up here usually around twice a week for at least a few hours.

So the insanity started with an unexpected delivery of my brand new, gorgeous table. It was supposed to be delivered Friday, but its a family owned company, and the owner makes the deliveries. So, since he knew we are getting ready for my son's 6th birthday party on Saturday, he delivered it as soon as possible. So, I got my table Monday night. Now, if things were at that point, going according to plan in my house, I would have been fine. HOWEVER, my husband went to work early. He works midnights, and he left at 5:30 instead of at 9:30 to get some overtime in. Also, said sister was supposed to be leaving my parents house around 4:30 and it takes just over an hour to get to my house. and yet, at 7:30, while I was breastfeeding my Logan, after Lily was already done, I had a knock on my door. Thank god I didn't get up and answer it while nursing since I thought it was my sister. My son answered the door and then runs over to tell me there are 2 guys at the door. I gotta say, I was rather nervous. Its a good thing the owner was one of the guys, or I wouldn't have let them in. So, I unexpectedly got my awesome table.

So, I was ready to get back into my nighttime routine. Put the twins to bed. Check. However, when one of them would start crying (usually Logan) my sister would go in in 10 seconds and give him his pacifier and try to comfort him. This is Logan's favorite game. I kept telling her that with him you have to wait a few minutes first but she wouldn't. Logan took 45 minutes to go to sleep instead of 10. So on to round 2. My big monster. Not always so easy, and with my sister around, he was excited and antsy. So, I tell him to get into bed, and she says she is going to read him a story. OK. She is still in there talking to him AN HOUR later. I had to go in and tell them it was late and time to sleep. Still, I was handling it.

So after getting housework done, (which is why she came to help, I have to get ready for the party) its midnight and time to feed the babies again. So, I do, and then off to bed we go. Next thing I know, its 3am and not time to feed the babies again, and my sister is standing in my room, holding Logan, because he was whining. I didn't even hear him on the moniter. She picked him up. You never pick him up until its time to eat. UGH! So, she tries to put him back. Failure. He cries every 10 minutes and I keep having to run downstairs to give him his pacifier until it is almost 4:30 and I pick him up and bring him to my room to feed him. No sleep. Awesome. Then, after he eats, he still doesn't want to go back to sleep, but I have told my sister to leave everyone be so I can handle things. 5:30 hits, and I am climbing back in bed. At 7 I hear her and my son talking in his room, back to sleep. 8:30 and I hear a baby whining. Here I come, Logan. I am exhausted.

So, part of yesterdays morning is a blur. I was exhausted. However, I do recall, when I would tell Felix to sit on the couch or stand in the corner, my sister would talk to him and we have a standing rule about no talking during punishments. So, it really wasn't a punishment. His attitude just got worse and worse. By the time he went to school, I was so ready to have my house back. She left before he came home from school and I am still recovering this morning. My husband went to work early last night (maybe to get away from a moody wife) and I could have asked my neighbor to come over and help me, but I just wanted to do it myself. Sometimes, help is great, and sometimes, its overrated.

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