Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just when you thought...

So, things were starting to calm down a little when I posted my last blog. Well, that ended. We're back near the top on the crazy scale. Countdown to the birthday party is 2 days. My house isn't finished, because I can't clean my bathroom and kitchen yet. My birthday boy is making every disaster he possibly can in the basement, his bedroom, and any other room I let him set foot in. I have to make cupcakes for his class so he can have a birthday treat tomorrow. Speaking of which I found Cupcake tips because I never know how much batter to use and he has 23 kids in his class and one box of cake mix makes 2 dozen. Not much room for error. I think my baby boy needs readjusted because he is spitting up a lot again (we took him to my cousin to have his back adjusted before, and it stopped the spitting up, the fussiness and the gas cramps) AND to add just enough craziness to make me lose my mind, my poor husband is sick.

Every time I go in to check on him he says he is sorry. He keeps telling me how he knows I don't need this right now. I have a great man. I need to remember that more often. Its hard, when your focus is always on the kids to remember what a wonderful spouse you have and all the good reasons why you married them. And, sometimes I feel that with all the man bashing out there and all the rotten guys giving all the good ones a bad rep, me announcing how wonderful my man is is almost like bragging. I think a lot of us women feel that way. But, sometimes, I think its not only good for us to say it, but good for others to see that there are plenty of good men. There are men who won't run off and leave you for another woman just because you gained some weight or got a gray hair. There are men who look at their children and their heart melts. They exist, and I am so glad I have one.

Now, back to my crazy schedule, I have cleaning and cooking to do, but one thing I wanted to share was this awesome recipe for pumpkin dip that I found. I had some at a party a few weeks ago, and it was amazing with cinnamon graham crackers. I am making it for the party on Saturday, and also for my son's kindergarten class for their "Thanksgiving feast" as their substitute for pumpkin pie. Its so easy and so yummy.

Well, off I go to cleaning, laundry, dishes, and crying baby land!

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  1. So fun to read the about the lives of my fellow twin mommies! My boy/girl twins are 18 months old and I have a 4 1/2 year old, so we are in a similar boat. It's amazing how much things change after that first year, however. Hang in there! It just gets easier and easier (and more and more fun!). How incredible that you have an amazing husband to "brag" on. :) The world is in need of more women that brag on their hubbies and give them credit where credit is due.

    Thanks for the post! And, Happy Thanksgiving!