Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, we went grocery shopping yesterday. Its quite an adventure with 3 children, so we usually go while my son is at school. I have decided that I don't like shopping with double strollers unless we are at a mall or shopping center.

My reasoning for this:
  1. Double strollers are a pain in the butt in department stores, maneuvering is a little bit of a challenge. 
  2. They are a giant "LOOK AT ME" sign. If you don't have twins, trust me. This happens enough without drawing extra attention to yourself.
  3. My twins are still infants, so they don't benefit from being in the stroller yet, because they are just in their carseats, and they can't see anything.
  4. The hubs works midnights, so I wait until he gets up and we go together. I see no point in using a double stroller when both of us can push/carry something.
 When shopping, I have an issue with old ladies. They like to touch my children. Its not so much the "Oh my god, a stranger is touching my child!" thing that drives me crazy, but its flu season. I also have an issue with the fact that they are the biggest offenders in stalking me at the store and attempted kidnappings on my children. Not literally, of course, but one woman (while TOUCHING my daughter) said "Do you want to come home with grandma?" Who does that? The same woman proceeded to tell me that my son and daughter have different eyes so they MUST not be identical. I wanted to tell her their real grandma can tell the difference.

I must say, hats off to all of you twin mammas out there who take your little monsters out alone and brave the stupidity of the twin questions and maneuver your double strollers through the subways, grocery stores, and everywhere else. I am so glad I have my hubster to roll around with me and the babes every day. I would lose my mind.

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